Elect Alex Simkus – Burien City Council, Position 5


I am a third generation Burien business owner and Highline School District graduate. I have lived in Burien my whole life and have seen both positive and negative changes. I am running for City Council to solve problems and make positive changes that include all the residents of Burien, not a select few.

Economic Recovery & Affordability

During the last year, working families and businesses have been hit hard. It will take time and effort to recover. Everyone who works in Burien has been doing everything they can to get by, The City Council should be putting in just as much time and effort to do the same. We need to make Burien business friendly and affordable for working families. Right now, the cost of housing is the biggest issue most residents face. We need more housing. We can change zoning and code processes to make this as easy as possible for developers.

Strong Basic Services

Services are paid for by all of us, and should support all of us. These services include (but are not limited to): AFFORDABLE utilities, clean parks, public safety/police, and human services. Strong services are necessary for any great city. They cannot be overlooked, and should always be focused on weighing the needs of the people of Burien with the costs that those people will incur.


Our city needs to be responsible for its own mistakes. When the city decides to do something that the people of the city did not want, then that decision needs to be corrected. There needs to be accountability beyond the City of Burien as well. Our city deals with several other entities such as: The Port of Seattle, The Department of Transportation, and King County Metro. We need to make sure that every group meant to serve our city is held accountable for poor taxing and spending decisions, and that every effort is centered on the welfare of our people.

About Me

My grandpa, Andy, moved to Burien in the late 1950s. He sought a better job than the auto factories in Detroit, Michigan. Soon after arriving with his wife and two children, he took a leap of faith and bought a gas station. Three generations and nearly sixty years later I have started my own family, and continue to run Andy’s Handy Mart in Burien. 

I have lived in Burien my whole life. I attended Gregory Heights Elementary, then Sylvester Middle School, and Aviation High School after that. All the while stocking candy bars and soda at Andy’s after school. After high school I earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University. The skills and experience from my childhood into my adulthood have given me a love for life, and my neighbors. I have been blessed by Burien, and it’s time to give back.

I am not asking for your money. However, if you feel compelled to donate to this campaign, please use the donate button. If you would like to help in some other way, please fill out the contact form below.


If you would like to know more, or have any specific questions, please contact me via email. Thank you! (alexsimkus@gmail.com)